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I help people build wicked fast WordPress sites that work for anyone on any device.


I can save you time and money by ensuring that you focus on the right things from the beginning and avoid common but costly mistakes along the way.

Talks & Workshops

I can give your team the skills they need to build wicked fast websites that work for anyone on any device.

Ditching jQuery (Pre-Order)

Speed up your site and improve your skills as a web developer by ditching jQuery and learning vanilla JavaScript. Coming in early 2017…

Wicked Fast Websites

Your server, your theme, the way you load files. They all have an impact on how fast (or slow) your WordPress site is. Wicked Fast Websites provides you with a blueprint for building insanely fast WordPress sites.

The Web Developer Career Guide

Learn how to stay relevant, hack the hiring process, and make more money as an in‑house developer.


My thoughts on web development, and other random awesomeness from around the web.

Free Code

The web community has given me a lot. I like to give back.