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A better text editor

Over the weekend, I started using the Code text editor from Visual Studio. I’m not looking back.

I’ve been using Sublime Text as my text editor for quite a while. When Atom from GitHub came out, everyone raved about it.

I tried at least 3 times to switch to it and always came back to Sublime. Atom was buggy and slow. Their were too many extensions that did the same thing, so figuring out which one to choose was nearly impossible.

Code is everything I wanted Atom to be.

It’s fast. The extension store is so much better than how package management works in Sublime. It’s Intellisense suggestive typing is spectacular. It’s infinitely customizable.

I’ll be writing a more extensive post in the near future on my setup, but for now, I wanted to say: go get Code.

It’s the text editor I’ll be recommending to everyone.

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