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Adopting a dog from your phone

A picture of the PAWS New England navigation structure on both a mobile phone and a tablet

Two years ago, I gave the PAWS New England website a responsive redesign. Today, almost half the traffic on the site comes from mobile devices.

Runaway Mobile #

Here’s what mobile traffic looked like as of January 2013:

All TrafficMobile
May 20115,229468 (~9%)
May 20128,5592,035 (~23%)
January 201321,6977,894 (~36%)

And here’s what it looks like today:

All TrafficMobile
May 20115,229468 (~9%)
May 20128,5592,035 (~23%)
January 201321,6977,894 (~36%)
August 201315,6216,987 (~45%)

While traffic is down from January, when we were featured in an HBO special, traffic has grown by over 80-percent from last year. And a staggering 45-percent of our traffic comes from mobile devices.

What are people doing on mobile? #

In a word, everything.

They’re looking at our adoptable dogs. They’re learning more about how to donate and volunteer. And they’re not just consuming information. They’re actually completing adoption forms.

Unsurprisingly, iOS devices represent more than 70-percent of the mobile traffic we receive. But last month, we had two people from a Nintendo Wii (which isn’t mobile) and one from a Nintendo DS (which is) browse our available dogs. RWD and progressive enhancement make that possible.

Where do they come from? #

Almost half of our traffic comes from Google, and another fifth comes from people visiting our site directly. To the credit of our amazing social team, another 18-percent of our traffic comes from Facebook, where we have a great community of supporters. About half of the Facebook traffic is from the mobile site.

The number of internet connected devices is only going to increase. I wouldn’t be surprised to see our mobile traffic surpass 50-percent over the next year.

It’s an exciting time to be a web developer!

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