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Converting an array to a string with vanilla JavaScript

You can use the Array.join() method to convert an array of items into a string.

By default, it will separate each item with a comma, but you can pass in any assortment of characters you’d like—dashes, spaces, or even an empty string to smush everything together into one long word.

var shoppingList = [

// Returns "apples,pears,cookies,bread"
var shoppingListString = shoppingList.join();

// Returns "apples pears cookies bread"
var shoppingListWithSpaces = shoppingList.join(' ');

// Returns "apples - pears - cookies - bread"
var shoppingListWithDashes = shoppingList.join(' - ');

// Returns "applespearscookiesbread"
var shoppingListSmushed = shoppingList.join('');

This works in all modern browsers, and back to at least IE6.

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