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Detecting SVG support with JavaScript

Modernizr is a very popular browser support detection generator, but sometimes it can be a little heavy-handed when you just need to check one or two things.

Take SVG support, for example. You can reliably test SVG support with one line of code:

var svgSupport = !!document.createElementNS && !!document.createElementNS('', 'svg').createSVGRect;

You can then do things like add a conditional class to your webpage only if SVG is supported:

var svgSupport = !!document.createElementNS && !!document.createElementNS('', 'svg').createSVGRect;
if ( svgSupport ) {
    document.documentElement.className += ' svg';

Then, you can hook into that class in your CSS for conditional styling.

svg {
    /* Default styles */

.svg svg {
    /* Styles when SVG is supported */

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