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Downsizing your distractions

See, I’ve been observing myself a lot lately, and I’ve noticed something odd about my work habits: I don’t have any.

Instead, what I have are habits for avoiding work.

For example, I have a toolbar filled with bookmarks that are supposed to save me time, but they really just make my daily distractions more attractive. “Of course I have time to read an article on Grantland,” I’ll say. But I don’t. Not really. Not if I actually want to get everything on my to-do list — or even a handful of those items – done.

– Justin Kownacki

One of the things that strikes me about most people who make awesome stuff is that they spend far more time actually trying things (and often failing) than they do tweeting and blogging. Justin Kownacki’s post on the distractions of the web was a nice reminder.

Get a way away from your computer and go do something.

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