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A week or two ago I quietly replaced Petfinder API for WordPress with petfinderAPI4everybody.js.

As the names imply, both make it easier for developers to work with the Petfinder API. PFAPI for WordPress required a working knowledge of PHP and plugin development, and required the developer to do a lot of custom development. I also received an email from someone who wanted a custom Petfinder API solution but whose CMS did not allow them to access server-side code.

petfinderAPI4everybody.js is a JavaScript plugin that let’s developers focus on writing CSS and markup instead of messing with code. It features:

  • A simple templating system with variables to drop API data into any markup structure.
  • Asynchronous page loading and cached API data (with an expiration date) in localStorage for better performance.
  • Full customization of all output text.
  • Optional scripts to filter results and toggle between pet images.
  • An optional loading indicator, and fallback content for unsupported browsers.

Check it out on GitHub.

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