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Make things for the web… better, faster and easier.

  1. The Vanilla JS Guidebook is a step-by-step training guide to help you master vanilla JavaScript.
  2. Web Performance Audits. Identify web performance issues and get detailed recommendations on how to fix them.
  3. Workshops & Training. Learn how to build insanely fast websites, better structure your projects, and ditch jQuery for vanilla JavaScript.
  4. Consulting & Development. Is your site running slow? Are you unsure which devices to support (or how to support them)? Or are you struggling to get started on a new project? Let’s work together to figure it out.
  5. I give away a ton of code in the form of boilerplates, CSS modules, JavaScript plugins, and WordPress themes and plugins to the open source community.
  6. I send out a short email each weekday with code snippets, tools, techniques, and interesting stuff from around the web.

Chris is the kind of partner that, once you wrap up work with him, you’ll start trying to think of reasons you’ll need to hire him back. - Adrienne Debigare, Harvard Business School