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I help people learn vanilla JavaScript. Here are some resources to help you with your next project.

Daily Developer Tipsfree
I send out a short email each weekday with code snippets, tools, techniques, and interesting stuff from around the web.
Open Sourcefree
The web community has given me a lot. I like to give back.
Pocket Guides$29+
Step-by-step training guides to help you master vanilla JavaScript. They’re short, focused, and made for beginners.
Mini Courses$69+
Short and sweet video series to help you master vanilla JavaScript. They’re project-based, focused, and made for beginners.
1-on-1 Consulting Call$399
Have a JavaScript problem you’re stuck on? Chat with an expert and get unstuck.
Private Mentoring$999/month
Ready to master vanilla JavaScript? Get unlimited 1-on-1 access to me via email, IM, and weekly video chats.
Team Training$3,999+
Level-up your team’s core JavaScript skills with team workshops.
JavaScript Consulting$7,999/month
Minimize your risk, reduce the amount of bugs and bloat in your code, and avoid costly delays caused by common mistakes.
Custom Development – custom pricing
Need a trusted expert to write custom code for your project? My JavaScript plugins have been used by organizations like Apple, Harvard Business School, and CNN. Contact me to discuss your project.