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Premium Support

Premium Support for my open source plugins gives your direct access to me by email to answer any specific questions or issues you have.

How it works

  1. Choose your plan and pay with credit card. You’ll be asked to provide the plugin you’re purchasing support for.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email from me that you can reply directly to with the details of your question or issue.

What is and isn’t covered?

I can help you with:

  • Questions about features, settings, and options.
  • Challenges getting the plugin setup the way you want.
  • Extending functionality via the plugin API.
  • Bugs and errors.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with:

  • Integration with other third-party plugins besides my own.
  • Feature requests that can’t be support via the plugin API.
  • Issues caused by your hosting or other scripts and plugins.

Support Plans

There are three support options available.

Get one-time support for a single issue or question.
Buy single-issue support now for $299
Get unlimited access to me by email for 30 days.
Buy monthly support now for $649
Get unlimited access to me by email for a year.
Buy annual support now for $6,499