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The rise of positive hip-hop

A few weeks ago, I found myself frustrated with the current state of hip-hop. The stuff that’s “good,” for lack of a better word, is hyper-focused on subject matter that’s frankly not something I can relate to.

But positive hip-hop is typically really corny. Bad beats. Terrible flows. Awful lyrics.

But, as if it read my mind, iTunes Radio delivered.

My Favorites #

One random day the other week, the iTunes Radio Top 100 Hip-Hop station started playing a bunch of song by artists who are Christian, but aren’t Christian rappers. They just make good, positive music.

Some folks you should check out…

Lecrae #

The day this stuff started showing up in iTunes Radio, I heard four of this dude’s songs in a row. I’m even hearing him on the Heat on XM Radio.

All I Need Is You is my favorite so far. If you like it, you should also check out I’m Turnt and Say I Won’t.

Tedashii #

If you’re looking to hyped up, you can’t go wrong with Dum Dum.

Andy Mineo #

Andy Mineo is from NYC, so his stuff has a more gritty sound than the other guys I’ve mentioned. I got hooked on You Can’t Stop Me, but right now AYO! is my jam.

Trip Lee #

Trip Lee is definitely the most overtly Christian of the bunch, and that’s not for everyone. Some of his songs are a bit too much for me. But Insomniac is pretty awesome.


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